minimalism is comfort. keep your life simple and stylish. finding a special moment that sparks your day from a mundane routine is something to be appreciated. spend time at your favorite place thinking about the meaning of your life…, or not…
my designs will seamlessly blend into your life, and soon become a part of who you are.

just a tool to express my insight without compromise, and humbly share my aesthetic. feel and enjoy the struggle between undeniable classical beauty and perishable trends that decay as though nothing ever happened. inspiration should come from within, not visually. outcome should be emotional when you look at it, but not when you wear it.

los angeles, ca (november 17, 2017) - japanese-born angeleno kentaro kameyama is the newest member of fashion’s “in” crowd as the winner of season 16 of lifetime’s emmy-nominated series “project runway”. kameyama clinched the coveted prize with his jaw-dropping runway show at new york’s fashion week, which featured models wearing expertly-tailored clothes inspired by classical music, walking to an original score composed by kameyama. the fashion-forward collection impressed the show’s judges heidi klum, nina garcia, zac posen and this year’s finale guest judge, jessica alba. the collection was a featured spread in marie claire magazine. kameyama is also a classical pianist and composer, kameyama has a graduate certificate in piano performance from the university of southern california, an artist diploma from the university of redlands, masters of music from the university of south carolina, bachelor of music from oklahoma wesleyan university, and an associate of art in piano performance from toho music college in tokyo.